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Sous Vide Sausage

Sausages are part of many different cuisines across the globe and are enjoyed in many different ways. Many sausages are cooked before being eaten. Preparing sausages is a fairly easy task and they can be cooked in a number of ways including grilling, boiling and searing. However, a common problem with cooking these in the traditional way is having the sausages burst open. It can also be hard to get a sausage nice and well done without drying out the meat inside.

Sous vide provides an easy way to cook sausages without these problems. Since the process uses a vacuum pack, casings stay intact during the cooking process. Aside from this, the low temperatures and slow cooking allow the sausage to become fully cooked without it losing any of its juices or flavor. Sous vide sausages can be finished on the grill, pan or oven to make the outside crisp and give it a better color.

Typically, pork sous vide sausages are cooked at 140°F, while beef sausages are held at 131°F. These may be cooked for 1-3 hours depending on size, type and desired doneness. This process is quick and easy, still making sausages an easy food to prepare. After being prepped through sous vide, sausages may not only be enjoyed plain as is, but may also be used as an ingredient in other dishes. It pairs well with a wide variety of foods including pasta, bread, rice, meat, poultry and vegetables.

Sous vide is also a great way to ensure that sausages which do not require cooking are completely safe. Those with weak stomachs, immune systems or even pregnant women may not always be able to eat such sausages because of the risk of contamination. Cooking these sous vide will ensure that it reaches the ideal internal temperature and stays safe for consumption without having to cook it the traditional way.

Sous Vide Sausage Recipes and Articles

Sous Vide Italian Sausage Recipe

Using sous vide to cook the sausage in this classic dish of sausage and peppers ensures a moist, perfectly cooked sausage. You can also eat this dish on a hoagie roll with melted provolone cheese on top. It's a quick and easy sous vide recipe

Sous Vide Sausage and Peppers Recipe

Growing up my family didn't eat many sausage dishes. Since I've been with my wife that has changed and sausage is a big part of our meals. Sausage and peppers are staple around our house, especially in summer when the peppers are fresh from the garden.

Here's my sous vide recipe for sausage and peppers finished off on the grill.

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