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Sous Vide Salad

Salads are a great way to add some vegetables to mealtime, whether as a starter, side dish or even a meal itself. While the first thoughts that salad might bring to mind are fresh vegetables, cooked veggies are perfect for salads as well. Needless to say that sous vide is the best way to prep the ingredients for such dishes.

Aside from the usual leafy greens, there are many other veggies which can be used for salads. Zucchini, squash, eggplant, potatoes, sweet potatoes, asparagus and corn are just a few things that work well. These may all be seasoned and cooked through sous vide before being mixed with other ingredients.

Warm salads that use cooked greens, beans and grains are also excellent candidates for a sous vide salad. This method of cooking is preferable to the usual steaming, blanching or boiling since it allows the vegetables to retain more of their vitamins and minerals. Exposure to high heat tends to break down cell walls in plants causing the loss of nutrients. Of course, other than this, sous vide also provides vegetables which are not overcooked.

Aside from veggies, sous vide can also be used for cooking other salad ingredients such as chicken, fish, seafood and beef. These meats are often added to or served with salads. Cooking this using the same method as that of vegetables will ensure that it stays tender and moist as well.

Vegetables are usually cooked at 183°F, with cooking time depending on the desired outcome of the vegetables. Sous vide salad ingredients are also commonly weighed down to help keep it in the water. The end product of this technique is tender vegetables that have a unique texture to them. Once cooked the veggies may be used right away. It may also be roasted or grilled very quickly if desired.

Sous Vide Salad Recipes and Articles

Sous Vide Fingerling Potato Salad Recipe

This is a unique mustard-vinegar potato salad which has a tartness not found in the typical mayonnaise based potato salads. The vinegar also helps this dish to complement fattier main courses like ribeye or duck breast. The sous vide potatoes turn out nice and tender and always perfectly cooked.

Sous Vide Leek Salad

This sous vide leek salad is great as a starting or side course for a poached fish or roasted chicken. Cooking the leeks in the sous vide bath renders them very tender and mild.

Sous Vide Mahi Mahi with Corn Salad Recipe

Mahi Mahi is a full flavored fish that can stand up to bolder ingredients. Here we pair it with some summer vegetables and a lime vinaigrette with some moderate heat. For a spicier dish you can add sliced serrano or jalapeno peppers to the dressing.

Spicy Sous Vide Sweet Potato Salad Recipe

Sweet potatoes are a favorite food around my house and I'm always looking at ways to incorporate them into more dishes. To make them more convenient I often sous vide sweet potatoes.

Here I take sous vide sweet potatoes cubes and combine them in a salad with beans and corn. The chipotle adds a nice burn to the usually super sweet potatoes and helps turn this into a savory salad.

Salad with Sous Vide Chicken Recipe

Right now we are getting lots of spring veggies popping up in our garden and in markets around us. I wanted to do a simple salad to highlight the flavors of our veggies. I also added some sous vide chicken to help make it more filling.

Sous Vide Beef Salad with Figs Recipe

One of the hard parts about summer cooking is keeping the food light. While I love pulled pork, big steaks, and juicy hamburgers I can only take so much heavy food. This sous vide beef salad with figs recipe is a nice alternative to some of the heavier meals while still giving me my beef fix.

Sous Vide Steak Salad Recipe

This sous vide recipe for steak salad is a different use of the sous vide technique. Instead of using sous vide to cook the meat for a long period of time, you use it to add perfectly medium rare steak to your salad. The thyme and garlic help add a little kick to the steak while the honey mustard dressing adds a strong flavor to the salad itself.

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