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Sous Vide Mexican

When the term sous vide is mentioned it is most commonly associated with dishes like steak. However, there is a wide range of use for this culinary technique and it can be applied to many different cuisines, including Mexican. This Spanish Mesoamerican fusion cooking makes use of a lot of beans, corn, grains and meat from domesticated animals, making it a good candidate for sous vide.

Basically, any and all of the meats used in Mexican dishes can be processed through sous vide. Beef, pork, chicken, sheep and goat can all benefit from the slow cooking and tenderizing of sous vide. Whether the meat is to be used for a torta, burrito, taco, quesadilla, fajita, enchilada or even a soup or stew, it can easily be seasoned, bagged and placed in a water bath to prep it.

Aside from the meat, frijoles or beans and other vegetables that are used widely for Mexican dishes can also be cooked sous vide. Both meat and vegetables benefit from the use of sous vide since they get the right amount of cooking. These can also be made ahead of time, stored and used later to create the savory, rich and earthy flavors found in Mexican food.

Sous Vide Mexican Recipes and Articles

Sous Vide Steak Quesadillas Recipe

One of my wife's favorite foods is quesadillas, luckily for me they are easy to make and can have a lot of variety. For sous vide quesadillas you simply cook the meat ahead of time then assemble the quesadillas when you are ready to eat.

Sous Vide Chicken Mole Recipe

Since publishing our Beginning Sous Vide book many people have commented on the Sous Vide Chicken Mole recipe. I thought I'd reproduce it here so people can get a taste of the more complicated recipes we have in the book. While the book has a focus on simple and easy to make sous vide recipes we also wanted to make sure there were a number of more complex recipes.

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