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Sous Vide Breakfast

Breakfast is the biggest and most important meal of the day. Like many other foods, sous vide can be used to help prepare this vital meal. Most breakfast meals are relatively simple and have staple items in them, one of which is eggs. These go with a wide range of foods and can be prepared in a number of ways including scrambled, poached, hard boiled and fried.

Using sous vide to cook eggs can be a great way to make sure that you get a perfectly cooked breakfast. Although eggs are easy to prepare these can sometimes end up rubber or overcooked. Sous vide breakfast eggs are cooked with precise heat and can be made to the exact desired doneness. For soft boiled eggs, these can be cooked at 143.5°F or 62°C for 45-60 minutes, while scrambled eggs are done in 18 minutes at a temperature of 167°F or 75°C.

Aside from eggs, there are many other breakfast items that can be prepared sous vide style. Sausages and deli products can all be cooked using this technique as well. Grains such as steel cut oats and grits may also be cooked with via sous vide.

Sous Vide Breakfast Recipes and Articles

Poached Sous Vide Egg Recipe

One of my wife's favorite breakfast meals is eggs. She loves all the classic egg dishes but sometimes I like to mix it up some and make "poached" sous vide eggs. They have a softness that is hard to obtain through normal poaching. Plus it's always fun to surprise her with a new egg dish.

Here's one poached sous vide egg recipe that has bacon, tomato, and basil on it.

Scrambled Eggs Sous Vide Recipe

Scrambled eggs sous vide are one of the more interesting dishes to cook. The resulting texture is much more like a custard than the sometimes rubbery scrambled eggs we're used to here in America.

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