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Sous Vide

Sous vide can initially be an intimidating type of cooking and conceptually it can be very difficult because of its differences with traditional cooking. Sous vide, or low temperature cooking, is the process of cooking food at a very tightly controlled temperature, normally the temperature the food will be served at.

Once you understand a few basics, sous vide cooking is one of the easiest and most foolproof ways to cook. The actual process of cooking sous vide is very easy and convenient method. First season the food and seal it in a plastic bag. Place it into a water bath preheated to the temperature you want the food to end up. Cook it from one hour up to several days, depending on the type of food. Remove it from the bag and briefly sear it for flavor and texture.

You can experiment with sous vide on the stove or in a beer cooler but if you are serious about using it on a regular basis it is worth getting some form of sous vide temperature controller. If you already have a crock pot or rice cooker you can get a controller that works with them and is around $200. Low end sous vide machines are a little more expensive and the high end runs around $800.

You can discover a lot more information about sous vide from my Beginners Guide to Sous Vide or from the sous vide articles below.

Sous Vide Recipes and Articles

Thanksgiving Sous Vide Turkey Recipe

Sous vide turkey is outrageously juicy and delicious. It will be the best bird you've ever eaten in your life.

The Sous Vide Beer Making Adventure

Whole-grain brewing requires consistent temperatures. Sounds like a job for sous vide! Follow our adventure at using an immersion circulator to help add some precision to the beer making process.

Sous Vide: Torches

There are several torches to sear sous vide foods and here are some of the best ones for the home and professional cook to use.

Ask Jason: What Should I Sous Vide First?

There are so many different things you can do with a sous vide machine that it can be hard to figure out what you want to try first. I think there's two categories of sous vide foods, things you can use sous vide to cook better, and things you can only do with sous vide. Here's some of my favorite things to do sous vide.

Best Way to Seal Food for Sous Vide

One of the more common questions I am asked is "What is the best way to seal your food for sous vide cooking?". There are so many options for sealing your food that it can get confusing figuring out exactly what you need. There are several ways of doing it, ranging from large chambered vacuum sealers costing over a thousand dollars all the way down to Ziploc bags from the grocery store. Here's the low down on what you'll need to master the art of sealing your sous vide food.

Ask Jason: How to Use Ziploc Bags for Sous Vide

While a chambered vacuum sealer is the best way to do sous vide, they are several hundred dollars and overkill for many home kitchens. Many people turn to FoodSaver-type sealers, which can be convenient but they are expensive to buy bags for and can't really be used with liquids. So what is a home cook to do?

How to Sear Sous Vided Foods

One of the areas sous vide falls short is creating that nice flavorful, brown crust on foods. Luckily there are several ways to finish of foods after they have been sous vided to create the crust without further cooking the food. The whole goal of post sous vide browning is to create the crust while heating the interior of the food as little as possible. The main keys to accomplishing this goal are dry foods, high temperatures, and short times.

Sous Vide: Water Bath Containers

Due to the increasing popularity of immersion circulators I thought it would be useful to present a variety of options for the sous vide water bath container. For each type I will cover the advantages and disadvantages as well as indicate where they can be purchased.

Sous Vide: Types of Machines

There are many different types of sous vide machines available for the home and professional cook but they all have one purpose: to keep the cooking temperature consistent. They do this in different ways and each way has pluses and minuses.

Mellow: The Latest Sous Vide Machine

The latest entrant in the sous vide machine market is Mellow, a self-contained sous vide machine. The units are comparably priced to a Sous Vide Supreme at $400 and are shipping in about a year.

Sous Vide: Inexpensive Immersion Circulators

Provides a detailed analysis of inexpensive immersion circulators used for sous vide cooking including the Anova, Nomiku and Sansaire. The article focuses on the differences between the units and then makes a recommendation of the best unit.

Can You Marinate Food While It Is Sous Viding?

One question I often get asked is how to marinate meats when cooking them sous vide. The question is usually whether or not you can marinate meat while it is cooking in the sous vide machine. I figured I'd answer it here so other people can weigh in as well.

Sous Vide Cooking Technique

Sous vide, or low temperature cooking, is the process of cooking food at a very tightly controlled temperature, normally the temperature the food will be served at.

This process helps to achieve texture and doneness not found in other cooking techniques, as well as introducing many conveniences for a professional kitchen. Sous vide has slowly been spreading around the world in professional kitchens everywhere and is finally making the jump to home kitchens.

Sous Vide Stars

One of the interesting things about running a site dedicated to sous vide is all the great people I get to talk to and learn from. In order to share some of this information we're going to be doing a "Sous Vide Stars" interview series.

Sous Vide Resources

Sous vide is a very complex process and there is much more to learn about it besides what we cover at There is more and more good information available about sous vide cooking. Here are some resources to help you continue to learn more. We'll try to keep this list updated as we find new sources of information.

Sous Vide Steak Guide

Welcome to the ultimate guide to sous vide steak. We'll take you through the general process of cooking sous vide steaks as well as the safety behind it.

Sous Vide Chicken Guide

Welcome to the ultimate guide to sous vide chicken. We'll take you through the difference between dark and white meat, what time and temperatures will result in moist, tender chicken, and share some of our favorite recipes.

Sous Vide Guides

In the past we have been asked to go into more detail about certain sous vide subjects on our site. This has prompted our new "Sous Vide Guides" section. We'll be releasing guides that give an in-depth look into several different sous vide subjects.

Sous Vide Safety: Salmonella and Bacteria

Cooking in plastic is a major sous vide safety concern. The other large safety concern with sous vide has been studied in much more detail and deals with the propagation of bacteria at various temperatures, especially salmonella. Salmonella only thrive in a certain range of temperatures, from about 40?F to 135?F, often referred to the ?danger zone?.

Sous Vide Salmon Safety

There is a lot of discussion about safety with regards to cooking salmon with sous vide, especially when done "mi-cuit" or partially cooked. The two main concerns are the parasite Anisakis simplex and botulism. We try to address some of the concerns here.

Sous Vide Safety

As sous vide cooking becomes more and more common we're asked more and more about the safety concerns associated with sous vide cooking. We decided to gather some information about sous vide safety, namely cooking in plastic and time and temperature safety.

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