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Infusions have long been a part of various cuisines and cooking methods. From classic drinks like Limoncello to flavored oils and fruity vinegars, infusions have always been used extensively in cooking. When done in the traditional manner, the infusion process takes anywhere from a few hours to several months. Using a whipping siphon for infusions speeds up the process and cuts the infusing time to just a couple of minutes.

The infusing process uses the pressure generated in the whipping siphon to force the penetration of the N2O into the flavoring agents and liquid. Once the pressure is released, the gas rushes out, carrying flavor compounds into the liquid and infusing it with flavor.

The whipping siphon infusion process can't replace some traditional infusions but it is a technique worth experimenting with. These infusions are also a wonderful way to create flavored liquids for different foams and gels.

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Orange-Cinnamon Infused Bourbon

My favorite end-of-day drink has to be bourbon. Most days I'll stick to my favorite brands on the rocks or I'll make a Manhattan, but sometimes I'm up for trying something different. In this case, an orange-cinnamon infused bourbon made with my whipping siphon.

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