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Ultra-tex is very similar in use to xanthan gum. It can thicken liquids at most temperatures and often has a better mouthfeel than xanthan gum does at higher concentrations.

There are several different kinds of Ultra-Tex that are modified in different ways. The most popular are Ultra-Tex 4 and Ultra-Tex 8.

Where to Buy Ultra-Tex

We always recommend, which has several kinds, they also have great service and are really good to work with (because of this, we do have an affiliate relationship with them. We also recommend purchasing from WillPowder and you can get larger quantities and bundles at

How Much Tex to Use

Usually a percent of 1.0-4.0% ultra-tex is used for basic thickening and a 5.0-8.0% for major thickening.

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Ultra-Tex Recipes and Articles

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