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Ultra-Sperse M

Ultra-Sperse, or Ultra-Sperse M is a modified tapioca starch and is used in many of the same ways xanthan gum is used. It is very good for thickening liquids.

Where to Buy Ultra-Sperse

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How Much Ultra-Sperse to Use

When Ultra-Sperse is used as a thickening agent, a 0.2-5% quantity is typical. The more Ultra-Sperse you add, the thicker the liquid will become.

Dispersion and Hydration of Ultra-Sperse

Ultra-Sperse can be dispersed in hot or cold liquids.

How to Create an Ultra-Sperse Gravy

Take 300 grams of good, fresh stock and blend 15 grams of Ultra-Sperse 3 into it. Heat the gravy to the desired serving temperature and serve.

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Ultra-Sperse Recipes and Articles

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